Charter of the Dragon Union RUSSIAN EMPIRE
Basic provisions:
The founder of the DRAGONIE UNION is the conglomerate RUSSIAN EMPIRE;
All decisions are taken by the union through a meeting of officers of all guilds who are members of the union and subsequent voting of the Guild Heads of the Union;
— Guilds on probation are consultative;
— The final decision is always for the Leader of the conglomerate;
— The leader of the Conglomerate has the right to «Veto» on any decision of the union;
The main goal of the Union is joint military action to suppress aggression from outside and joint actions in game events (the sea);
Decisions of the Council of the Union are binding, evasion entails an exception;
A presence in the outer chat of telegrams (telegram chat) is mandatory;
New members of the union undergo a trial period of 1 month;
— After passing the trial period — the decision to join a new guild is made by voting all participants and final approval from the leader of the conglomerate;
The basic principles of the union are fair play, respect, help and openness.
To show aggression towards anyone, without agreement with the members of the Dragon Union;
Attack someone (farm) without agreement with the members of the Dragon Union;
Attack players Diamod league — without agreement with the Union;
Insult anyone in principle .;
To create provocations which can cause direct or indirect harm to participants of the Dragon Union.
Participants in the Dragon Union:
Conglomerate RUSSIAN EMPIRE — RUSSIA | DragonEmpireRU | DarkEmpireRU
They can become you!
Application for retaliatory aggression:
If on you (on any member of your guild) there are constant attacks (farm);
If you are systematically insulted.
You send a telegram to the alliance chat:
A brief description of the background of the attacks on you;
Screenshots of repetition of attacks on you;
Screenshots of the player / ok of aggression
Application for military support:
You send to the chat telegram alliance:
Description of problems / reasons / reasons — the need for aggression in relation to anyone;
Screenshots of the guild / Players who must be subjected to Union attacks
After making a positive decision on the fact of the beginning of an attack by anyone, all members of the Dragon Union should be alerted to their members with the request to send a black label and the beginning of the pharma goals.
A single label of the Dragon Alliance has been adopted — which must be sent to the targets of the attack.
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Enter into any communication with goals — PROHIBITED

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