Charter and regulations of the conglomerate RUSSIAN EMPIRE!
Guild Russia — War Dragons
We are Dragons — Dragons are We!
General Provisions
1.1 Russian Military Dragon Alliance is a conglomerate of three guilds: Russia, DragonEmpireRu, DarkEmpireRU.
1.2 The leadership of the Union has its main task to organize the game of clans in the most convenient and reasonable manner.
1.3. Any player can become a member of the Union, provided that all the necessary conditions are met:
1.3.1 The player is fluent in Russian;
1.3.2 The player complies with all requirements established by the guild’s management and in force at the time the player signs up for the entry;
1.3.3 The player must demonstrate adequate behavior and aim to perform at least one game task corresponding to his place in the life of the Union;
1.3.4 In case of non-observance of these rules or repeated violation of the Charter, the player is excluded from the Union.
Structure of the Union.
2.1 The Guild of Russia (First composition).
2.1.1 The purpose of the guild Russia — the preservation of high gaming progress. The Guild conducts an aggressive military policy and seeks to occupy a high position in the ranking;
2.1.2 Responsibilities of the guild players Russia — daily participation in wars, active participation in weekend game events;
2.1.3 Censorship in the guild of Russia — primarily a game rating. All players are required to participate in time in game events. It is welcome to invest real money in the game. Required availability of premium account;
2.1.4 If the rating is not respected, the player will be transferred to the guild of DragonEmpireRu.
2.2 Guild of DragonEmpireRu (Second composition).
2.2.1 Purpose of the guild DragonEmpireRu- social environment, training ground, rest from active fighting;
2.2.2 Experienced players DragonEmpireRu produce training for newcomers to adapt to a more serious rating of the game and help develop their own style of dragon fighting;
2.2.3 Censorship in the guild of DragonEmpireRu- is primarily a social comfort. There is a more rigid moderation for speech, and here there is no place for conflict people. The military business in this guild does not have such a strict moderation;
2.2.4 In the case of a successful game based on the results of the game week, the guild’s guide gives the player a recommendation for transfer to the senior staff — the Guild Russia;
2.2.5 In the event of a player’s non-compliance with common social values, the question of transferring a player to the senior team is raised. If the player’s rating is insufficient for such a transfer — the player is expelled from the Dragon Union.
Leadership of the Dragon Union
3.1 Leadership of the Union are the Heads and Officers of the guilds, hereinafter the «Senior Staff».
3.2 The leadership of the two guilds has equal rights and the same voice in making decisions concerning the life of the Union.
3.3 Guide to the Guild of Russia and the main duties of the senior staff:
3.3.1 Massad — Head of the guild, general management;
3.3.2 Odekva — Senior Officer, Diplomat, personnel issues;
3.3.3 Viktorovich — Officer. Mentor and Head of Resources;
3.3.4 U1ty — Officer;
3.3.5 AB666 — Officer;
3.3.6 RUSMOHCTP — Officer. Combat officer, in-game assistance to the clan.
3.4 Guide to the guild of DragonEmpireRu and the main duties of the senior staff:
3.4.1 Agnostiko (Vreh, Hamlet) — The head of the guild, the general management. Senior Teacher;
3.4.2 AdoraWH (Lo) — The Joker. Moderation of game chats. Editing texts for the needs of the Union;
3.4.3 MrSevS — Mentor;
3.4.4 PblCb- Knowledge keeper;
3.4.5 KRISTAL007 — General;
3.5 Rights and duties of senior staff.
3.5.1 The senior staff has the duty to advise guild members on gaming matters;
3.5.2 The senior team has the duty to coordinate the actions of guild members during the War and gaming events;
3.5.3 The senior staff has the right to collect and reallocate resources based on the current needs of the guild;
3.5.4 The senior staff has the right to vote on important decisions for the guild in a special officer’s communication channel;
3.5.5 The senior team has the unlimited right to leave the guild for diplomatic missions and return with the retention of their status.
Guild members, duties and rights.
Guild members are required to:
4.1 Be ACTIVE part of the team;
4.2 Follow the instructions of the Officers and take these instructions without criticism;
4.3 To help fellow supporters with resources, protection and support in flights;
4.4 Seek help in the form of resources, pumping dragons and joint flights;
4.5 Appear in the game at least three times a week (for Russia — six days), warn the leadership in case of a longer absence;
4.6 Read the game and special military chats;
4.7 To study and apply reference materials and guides developed by the senior staff. Supply fresh ideas for filling the directory;
4.8 Consult the officers on any game issues;
4.9 Mark your presence in the game with a message in the clan gambling chat;
4.10 Observe the rules for the conduct of fights in game events established by the Officers;
4.11 Guild members are responsible for their words spoken in the game chat, guild chat and chat rooms

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