Assault Event Changes and Updates

Assault Event Changes and Updates

Assault Event: Updates you should know!

Dragon Lords — the Assault Event is back and we’ve made some changes to it!

  • Scoring system has been changed from the best score from each base, to the total number of points earned from defeating bases
  • Players now receive points every time they defeat a base, instead of only having their highest score per base count towards their total
  • Base bonuses has been increased to 100% bonus points for beating a base with dragons that are at least 75% weaker than the base (up from 25% bonus points)
  • Point scaling for the bases has been adjusted, so that the highest base gives only about twice the points of the weakest base (down from 50x the points of the weakest base)
  • Fixed a bug where players had to defeat the checkpoint base after getting reset (you will now not have to defeat the checkpoint base again after defeating it the first time)
  • Removed stars/total annihilations from this event (We like the concept, so this will hopefully resurface in a future iteration of assault)
  • Progression Prizes has been increased
  • Progression thresholds changed to reflect the new scoring system

Good luck in the event this Monday and Tuesday!

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