Breeding Event

Breeding Event

Ивент выведения
The withdrawal event lasts 3-4 days.
To earn points for both the team and for personal prizes in this event, you just need to spend the withdrawal tokens.
For a one-time use of the «withdraw once» button (costs 20 tokens) you will receive one point.
For a single application of the «withdraw 20» button (costs 1500 rubies) you will get 25 points, but this method is more expensive.
For using 1 mystical fragment (guaranteed to give 1 fragment of the selected dragon) you will get 20 points.
To earn as many points as possible, you need to spend as many tokens.
During this event, tokens can be obtained not only for the performance of the missions of the dragon guard, but also to find them in chests falling from the destroyed statues.
Many players are saving tokens for this event specifically. The presence of an elite account also doubles the reward of tokens for performing the missions of the dragon guard.
Earn points in this event, you will receive prizes in the form of deduction counters and rubies, which will allow you to earn even more points.
If you save tokens by many thousands even before the event, the elimination week, it is better to calculate in advance whether you will find it to be profitable to spend them.
If you are going to spend rubies in order to increase the gain of the deduction counters, then it is better to do this in one of two ways:

  • Reset timers of the missions of the dragon guard;
  • Purchase of chests;
  • Other ways to extract withdrawal tokens are less profitable.

During the «Week of Inference» event, the rewards are doubled by counters for performing the missions of the dragon guard, which makes it exactly the fulfillment of missions and the resetting of the time counter to a new mission the most profitable investment of rubies in the game!
Also sometimes developers arrange «happy hours» of an additional tripling of awards for the mission of the dragon guard, which allows you to procure thousands of thousands of deadlines in a short time. On the beginning of the «happy hour» players are notified via in-game mail.

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