Conquest of the World

Event Conquest of the World

Ивент завоевание мира

Event Conquest of the world.

The first stage — preparatory — goes one or two days, during which access to the Arsenal and search for chests on enemy bases is opened. A set of points for competition in the event is not yet available. Among the bonuses in the chests can also come across «inner fire» and «energy pack».

Ивент Завоевание мира карта

The second stage — the main one — lasts two or three days.
From the beginning of the second stage, the event map is activated. It is divided into 25 land holdings, each of which is assigned to a certain team. Initially, all parcels are equal and have 21,000 conventional units of land area. After selecting any site, you will see a list of the team members to which this site belongs. Next to each name is the player’s level and the number of units of land that you can steal from this team after a successful attack.
Attacking enemy players, you will receive points for personal achievements in the amount of land taken away. Taken from other lands will be credited to your team. Every few minutes, teams will receive team victory points based on their available land volumes.
For each attack, you spend 4 energy, you can turn on the superatak mode, which will consume 20 energy at once and bring more points for the fight, but this method is still much inferior to conventional flights, so they better not use it.
You can increase the amount of land you take (along with the points you receive) as follows:
— bonus of successive attacks. Doing attacks in a row, you will receive an increasing and greater bonus to points — up to 50% of the base value. This bonus will work until the gap between the attacks does not exceed half an hour.
— bonus of internal fire. Equipping dragons in battle with internal fire, you will receive an increase to the points of 100% for each dragon with fire.
After the attack on the player, it can not be attacked again until you have committed a certain amount of attacks on other players.
If you take away land from a team that has less than 10,000 land units, you will receive a fine to the amount of land you take away. Teams with 1000 units of land can not be attacked. When attacking a team with more than 45,000 units of land, you will receive a small bonus to the removal of units of land.
Team points (victory points) are taken from the available land of the team — every ~ 5 minutes the team is added to victory points ~ 8% of the available land volume.
If your team aspires to take the first place in the league’s rating table, then it’s better to take away lands from those teams that make up your competition, and not just the most easily accessible teams.
For the defeat of the base at 70-100% you will get the same total volume of points. If the attack ends with less than 70% destruction, then you will not get points for the attack.

Ивент Завоевание мира бой

If a dragon equipped with internal fire does not receive damage in combat, then he will not need healing after the fight and can immediately participate in a new battle. This is convenient when you drag the entire enemy base with one dragon, and then release one or two more dragons, equipping them with internal fire. Thus you can even quickly pump your weak dragons. The bonus to land grab you will accrue even for allies who joined the fight and released the dragons with internal fire, but they themselves will not benefit from such a waste of internal fire, other than experience.

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