Councils for construction

Councils for construction
Building a killer base can not be intuitive.
This guide contains answers to the following difficult questions:
Should I build many towers or a few, but a large level?
Do I have to build many different towers or a group of the same?
Storms or magicians? Lightning or demand?
Having a base with more than 150k defense to 50 level is not at all difficult. Let us tell you how this is done:
Step 1: Do not build ballistae. Those that have already been built can eventually be removed to the vault. Keep the farm next to the castle on a big island.
Step 2: The towers that are in the process of modernization are placed on the island far from the castle. Buy an elite account — so you can improve two buildings at the same time.
Step 3: Build two towers of the highest possible level. Just pour in the tree until you reach the limit at your current level. Ignore everything else. When you have enough wood to upgrade the tower, use accelerators to immediately complete the construction and run the improvement to the next level. Ask your team to send you wood, if necessary.
Step 4: If you have reached the point where you need to expand the storage / improve the farm / hut builder — perform the necessary improvement and continue to invest the tree in the archers. The only hurdle that you have to achieve is to stop the improvement — this is your base level.
Step 5: After you have raised the level of the archers as high as you can, place these towers in front of the 3rd (long) island.
Step 6: Repeat step 3 with the guns. Put the guns behind the archers.
Step 7: Most likely, the level of your base will grow, so again raise the level of archers to the maximum (ie repeat steps 3 and 4). Then again, steps 3 and 4, but already with guns.
Step 8: Now you have 2 towers of maximum level archers and 2 same guns. Follow step 3, this time with the blue and red towers of the magicians. Bump them three levels below the guns and archers. Do the same with two storm towers — three levels below the maximum.
Step 9: Perform step 7 again. Next, step 3 with the desired. Then go back step 7.
Step 10: Now you have to be busy with all 10 places on the third island. Archer — Gun — Trebuchet — Blue Magician — Tower of the storm, and Archer — Gun — Trebuchet — Red Magician — Storm.
Step 11: Repeat step 3 with three lightning towers. Then step 7 with all the towers. Then step 3 with two more mages, and then step 7. Put three lightning towers on a small island. Red and blue magicians, put them behind them.
Step 12: Maximize the refinements and put them on the «home» island next to your farms. Or 3 lightning towers. Now it’s done! Add new islands only when you squeeze the maximum out of the open ones. Increase the level of the towers constantly by repeating steps 3 and 4.
If you correctly follow these steps, your base will be 2-4 times more powerful than that of someone at your level. You will be less attacked, therefore you will save more resources. This will make you more valuable to your team.

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