Dragon Riders

Dragon Riders are collectible heroes that you can bond to your dragons and fly into battle with! Bonding a Dragon Rider to a dragon can provide you with a number of buffs, such as increasing your dragon power, base defense, or help you secure victory in the upcoming World Map.
A variety of Dragon Riders will be obtainable through Seasonal Prizes and will be discoverable in the World Map.
Dragon RidersDragon Riders


Dragon RidersDragon Riders can also grow in power, increasing the buffs they provide! When a Dragon Rider is leveled up, Skill Points are obtained. Use Skill Points to increase the effectiveness of a Dragon Rider’s buff, and unlock new buffs as you explore a Dragon Rider’s Skill Tree. The Skill Tree of each Dragon Rider is unique and offers different bonuses to unlock. Explore them all and choose your own path.


Dragon RidersDragon Riders are unmatched in grit and strength, but they still need the right equipment to see them through battle. Throughout the Seasons and scattered across the World Map, Dragon Rider Gear and crafting materials will be obtainable to increase the buffs provided through bonded Dragon Riders.

Dragon Riders
Each Dragon Rider can equip up to eight pieces of gear: Boots, Chest, Helmet, Gloves, Pants, Ring, Shield, and Weapon. The items will add additional buffs as indicated and various sets can be mixed and matched.
Similarly to dragons, Gear will also have an Elemental Type. In order to equip Gear to a bonded Dragon Rider, the Elemental Type of the Gear must match the Dragon.
Dragon Riders
Dragon Riders

  • Each dragon rider can wear up to eight items of equipment: helmet, armor, gloves, pants, boots, ring, weapons and shield. These items can be equipped in various combinations of your choice and will give additional bonuses specified in their description.
  • As in the case of dragons, the equipment will relate to one of the five elements. At the same time, the elements of the rider’s equipping outfit must coincide with the element of the dragon, to which the rider is attached.
  • The riders who give bonuses to your base must be tied to the dragons on your dragon spades in order for the bonuses to take effect.
    Bonuses of the «rider-protector» will be distributed to the whole base, and not only to the island where the dragon peak is located. In this case, the bonuses of different riders-defenders must add up.
  • Create the equipment can be in the forge on the appropriate tab. This will require some components. Information on how to get them will be added later.

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