Event King of the hill

Event King of the hill

Ивент Царь Горы
First step. Event King of the Mountain — preparatory — goes one or two days, during which you have access to the Arsenal and search for chests in monuments on enemy bases.
A set of points for competition in the event is not yet available. Among the bonuses in the chests can also come across «siege weapons» of various rarities, «barricades», and «charge of energy / energy pack.»
Second step. Event King of the Mountain — the main one — goes three days, during which the chests cease to fall out of the destroyed statues and can only be obtained for attacks and looting in the event mode. From the beginning of the second stage, the event map with fortresses is activated.
Карта ивента Царь горы

  1. Fortress, all of them 25. Protected by a dome of invulnerability before the start of the event. It will also be protected by the dome for the first couple of hours after the capture by the new team;
  2. Energy meter and energy recovery button;
  3. Counter of multipliers of points of damage and the button of activation of bonus-factors;
  4. The current hourly increase in Victory Points from all fortresses belonging to your team;
  5. The counter of points of damage left for accumulation until the receipt of the next prize for personal achievements.

Счетчик Энергии
Initially, all the fortresses belong to the computer team «Blackbloods» and the essence of the event is to capture as many fortresses and keep them as long as possible. All the fortresses on the map are divided into difficulty levels. The higher the level of complexity of the fortress, the more health points it has and the more Victory Points it will bring to the team when it is captured and held.
After choosing a particular fortress, you will see a list of defenders, which consists of team members, to whom the fortress belongs. Attacking the defender costs 4 energy. Defeating the defenders, you will deal damage fortresses listed near the defender’s name. The higher the level of the defender, the more damage will be given to the fortress after defeating it. In addition to the level of the defender, the amount of damage is affected by the additional modifier (depending on the amount of time that this fortress belongs to the team) applied to all the team members who own this fortress. You can also increase the damage to the health of the fortress by using siege weapons. They activate for a certain period of time and give a bonus to damage to fortress health in all battles and robberies during this time. The use of the same siege weapon repeatedly until the end of its action will lead to the addition of their time of action. The use of simultaneously siege weapons of different rarity will lead to the addition of their bonuses to damage.
Осадные орудия Ивент Царь горы
After a successful attack on the defender you will be shown a window with the total damage inflicted on the health of the fortress, taking into account all bonuses applied. This amount of damage will also be credited to your personal achievements during the event and by collecting a sufficient number of these points you will be able to receive individual prizes.
Успешная атака Ивент Царь горы
After a successful attack on the enemy, you can commit «raids / robberies» on him, which will damage the fortress and bring you points for personal achievements without direct repetition of the battle. The cost of the raid begins with 1 energy and increases with each re-raid on the same enemy.
While the fortress is not conquered by the new team, it accumulates the Victory Points of the owning team and the same accumulated number of Victory Points will be distributed among all the participating teams storming the fortress in accordance with their percentage contribution to the destruction of the fortress after it is captured by the new team.
When the health points of the fortress fall to zero, the fortress will take over the randomly selected team of those who took part in its assault. The greater the contribution of the team, the higher the chances that the fortress will pass to it. A fortress can not be attacked for some time again. From this point on, the team members who own the fortress can use barricades to increase the strength points of the fortress in order to extend the time of control over it and get as many Victory Points as possible. Based on the Victory Points available to the teams, they will be lined up in the event results table.
Values of siege weapon bonuses for damage:
Base — gives an additional 10% damage points from the base value, is activated for 15 minutes;
Rare — gives an additional 50% of the damage points from the base amount, is activated for 30 minutes;
Epic — gives an additional 100% damage points from the base amount, is activated for 70 minutes;
Tips for participating in the event:
All the battles in the event are tied up with energy, so start taking part in the event from the very beginning. In the course of the event, the lost energy will be restored and it is best not to allow it to be filled to the maximum, so as not to let it stand idle.
Attacking one enemy takes 4 energies, after which you can profitably raid him for 1.2 and 3 energy. Further robberies will cost 5, and then 8 energy, which is already an unprofitable expenditure of energy. Thus, it is advantageous to expend 10 energies per opponent (4 per attack and 6 for three robberies). At any time, you can use the «charge of energy» if you still have siege weapons, there are good dragons and there are promising victims on the event map.
Since for personal achievements you need damage points, it is best to check all the fortresses before the attack and choose the one where you are offered the highest score for a successful attack. Then, if you have a lot of energy / energy, use siege weapons and make several attacks on the most advantageous in terms of points defenders. Then, after the defeated enemies, make raids. When the fortress is re-captured, your contribution will also be rewarded with Victory Points for the team. Rare and epic siege weapons are best used when you are willing to spend a lot of energy (from several charges).
For the most effective set of Victory Points (command) you need to capture and hold fortresses. The best opportunity for this is to have the greatest contribution to the destruction of fortresses, which gives a 50% chance of capture, and the remaining 50% of the probability is shared between the remaining teams participating in the capture of the fortress in proportion to the size of their contribution. If you contribute any size to the capture of each fortress and do so throughout the entire period of the event, then you will get at least a small chance, but in large numbers.
If your team has a sufficient number of strong and active players, then you can try to make the most contribution to capturing any particular fortress. To do this, any player can select this or that fortress on the map for all other cohildians as a target to capture by placing a mark on it. To keep the fortress in its possession for as long as possible, use barricades and strengthen statues on your bases with bonuses + 30% for attack / Protection. The use of bonuses on monuments will reduce the amount of damage that an enemy of your fortress will inflict upon you. Since barricades are difficult to extract, use them to their highest level fortresses, and if all your currently available low-level fortresses, it is better even to delay using barricades. The use of barricades is taken into account in the rating «contribution of team members», but does not give points for personal achievements or victory points for the team.
It will be easier for ordinary players if the guild officers warn the team in advance that players should only hit the specified fortress targets. At the same time, one or more officers will take on the role of tracking and identifying prospective targets for capture (or just profitable for scoring) and will do this during the whole event, and also one or two officers will assume the role of making a basic contribution 4-10 energy) into each fortress.

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