Event Team glove

Event Team glove

Гайд по ивенту Командная перчатка
It consists of two stages.

Team glove. The first stage is preparatory!

There is one or two days, during which access to the Arsenal and search for chests on enemy bases is opened. A set of points for competition in the event is not yet available. Among the bonuses in the chests can also come across «inner fire» and «energy pack».
Ивент Командная перчатка карта

Team glove. The second stage is the main one!

Lasts for three or four days.
Since its inception, the chests have ceased to fall out of the destroyed statues and can only be obtained for attacks in the event mode.
You have to attack the forts on the islands and damage the health of forts with every successful attack. This will bring you points for personal achievement. To increase the number of points you receive, you can equip dragons with internal fire (+ 100% of the base value). The bonus will be credited for each dragon, equipped with internal fire, in this battle.
Equipped bonus of internal fire allows the dragon not to need healing if he finished the fight without getting damaged!

Ивент Командная перчатка.

To recruit team points, you will completely destroy the forts of the islands. The faster you do it, the more points your team will receive. Also, after the destruction of the fort, you will have access to the next more complex fort. In a few hours, the already captured forts will again be under the control of the enemy and will be available for attacks. However, you do not lose access to any other forts.
Low-level players of your team can attack the same initial islands to get points or ask for help from higher-level players. High-level players are always better to attack the most difficult targets in order to get more points and more likely to unlock even more complex islands.
Sometimes there will be an island for which you have to fight with one of your league teams. In the allotted time, the victory will be awarded to the team that caused more damage to the enemy’s fort. The winning team will receive team points, and the losing team will not.

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