Event Tug-of-war

Event Tug-of-war

Гайд По ивенту перетягивание каната

Event tug of war. First step

Preparatory — goes one or two days, during which you have access to the Arsenal and search for chests on enemy bases. A set of points for competition in the event is not yet available. Among the bonuses in the chests can also come across «Inner fire / inner fire», «energy charge / energy pack», «valor / valor» and «great valor».
Ивент перетягивание каната Доблесть
Note that as long as you have the prowess in hand (each kind of valor is counted separately), you will not be able to get a new one in the chests. Therefore, you will have to open chests in stages, receiving and spending valor.

Ивент перетягивание канатов

Event tug of war. Second phase

You have to go through several rounds consisting of mini-wars simultaneously with your entire league. You will get access to the list of enemy teams and will be able to see the current balance of victory / defeat with each of them. The essence of these mini-wars is that in order to attack each other teams get points (these points will go into the personal achievements of the players). If at the end of the round your team has 1000 points more than the opponent, then you take the flag of this team from one of their players. If they have more points, your flag will be taken from the player of your team. If the gap is less than 1000 points, then this mini-war will be held in a draw.

Ивент Перетягивание каната - шакала захвата

After each round for all the flags you will receive team points. For their flags you will get 2.5 times more points, so try, if you do not win in each round, then at least do not lose. Initially, such flags have 100 teams, but during the event you will constantly receive other people’s flags and lose your own. If in one round you lose your flag to your opponent, then in another round you can return him to victory over this opponent. Team officers can tag teams of rivals who should be given preference. But every player of the team can see for himself that if the gap is too small or not in your favor, then it’s worth correcting the situation.

Ивент перетягивание каната Флаги

Each team at the beginning of the event has 100 own flags. The team will not be able to lose more than 50 of its flags, so if you defeat a weak team, it is quite possible that most other teams have done the same and all the winners will not have the flags of this team. In this case, the flags are those who earned the most points against this team.
Points for the defeat of the enemy base will depend on the ratio of the victim’s level to the levels of all the members of the opposing team. If your team seeks to receive not only personal prizes, but also good team ones, then officers should ensure that their players take part in all mini-wars only in the context of a break for 1500-2000 points or the maintenance of a draw, and not allow the whole team to participate in the Battle with only one of the weakest opponents, for whom the greatest number of personal points are awarded.
The advantage of 10,000 points with one team will not defeat the defeats on all other fronts and will not bring more team points.

Ивент Перетягивание каната Трофеи

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