Experience for the fight

For the destruction of combat buildings on the enemy base, the participating dragons gain experience. Everything belongs to combat buildings, except for farms, sawmills and towers of the magician. Choosing an opponent from the list, you can see how much resources and experience you can earn for the victory over him. The amount of resources depends on the size of the enemy warehouse, and the amount of experience depends on the number of combat buildings and on the level of each of them based on the chosen enemy, as well as on the level of the opponent’s level.
Each level has a maximum of experience that can be obtained, so that low-level players can not get huge amounts of experience when attacking high-level players, even if they overcome them (for example, with the support of another strong player).
You can release up to three dragons in one battle, and the experience will be shared equally among them, regardless of which of them destroyed or destroyed all the buildings. This means that it is more profitable to produce fewer dragons in each battle, because the experience is divided, and the healing time for the dragons remains individual.
In team combat, experience is awarded to EACH player at the same time. Thus, if there were two dragons in battle, but from different players, each of them will receive a full portion of the experience in accordance with the level of each individual player (but the experience of assisting players will be reduced by 20% according to the rules of the game mechanics).
Once a day, at 11 days (in Moscow), all dragons receive a bonus experience for their next three battles. Each bonus has these bonuses individually, so each of them can take advantage of these bonuses in their battles. The indicator of the current bonus is the drawn «х5», «х4» or «х3» on the dragon icon, which corresponds to an increase in the experience for the next fight in 5, 4 or 3 times. Example with a picture (on the left dragon in normal conditions, and on the right is a dragon with a bonus of experience x5):
Experience for the fight

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