Fall 2017 Season Part 2 — Divine Dragon Spells

Two new dragons will be swooping in soon to join the other Nightmare Collection dragons. Will you turn to stone with Gargula or embrace your moon-driven bloodlust with Moonfang? Continue reading for the spells that each dragon will be unleashing on their enemies.

Fall 2017 Season Part 2 - Divine Dragon Spells


Undying Gargoyle

Fall 2017 Season Part 2 - Divine Dragon Spells

“Where a heart should be, lies stone.”

Class: Hunter
Rarity: Legendary
Element: Dark

  • Extract Essence — Passive, YellowThe last tower destroyed by your dragon provides rage and a spell.Storm: Northern lights(light)
    Archer: Southern cross(light)
    Cannon: Uproot
    Ballista: Wind wall
    Red mage: Reverse projectiles
    Blue mage: Shield blast
    Trebuchet: Earthquake
    Lightning: Chain lightning
    Ice: Chaos
    Fire: Spell flux
    Dark elemental flak: Vampiric touch
    Lumber: Cure poison
    Food: Rejuvenate
    Totems: RejuvenateLearned at Level 1
  • Stoneform — Active, 2 Rage, White
    Creates a shield around the Hunter reducing taken damage by 70%.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Sacrifice — Active, 0 Rage, Blue
    Damages your dragon by 15%. Dragon gains 2 rage points in exchange for this inflicted damage.
    Learned at Level 10
  • Spitfire Turret Resist — Passive, Yellow
    Reduce damage taken from Fire Turrets by 70%.
    Learned at Level 13



Rageful Lycan

Fall 2017 Season Part 2 - Divine Dragon Spells

Cursed with an insatiable bloodlust.”

Class: Warrior
Rarity: Mythic
Element: Dark

  • Feral Rage — Passive, Yellow
    Increases rage regeneration by 60% due to Dragon’s feral nature.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Full Moon — Active, 2 Rage, White
    Empowers Dragon with a 50% increase in damage and a 25% increase in rage regeneration, while Dragon takes 25% of its max HP in damage over time for activating this spell. While Full Moon is active, Dragon heals for 10% of max HP for every tower destroyed. Spell duration is 5 seconds and cooldown is 3 seconds.
    Learned at Level 1
  • Intimidating Roar — Active, 2 Rage, Red
    Deals 9-14% of Dragon’s max HP to a group of towers. Reduces damage output of affected towers by 50% for the duration of the battle.
    Learned at Level 10
  • Ice Turret Resist — Passive
    Reduce damage taken from Ice Turrets by 70%.
    Learned at Level 13

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