Fortification Event

Fortification Event

Сумасшедшее укрепление
Event Crazy Strength — Description.
Lasts 3-4 days.
In the course of the event, a crazy strengthening you have to earn points by spending resources on the construction of buildings:

  • 1 point for spending 10 units of wood or food;
  • 20 points for spending 1 unit of ice shards;
  • 20 points for spending 1 unit of fire fragments;
  • 20 points for spending 1 unit of elemental ash;
  • 20 points for spending 1 unit of black pearls.

Points are awarded when the resource is spent (start building / improving the building).
These points will go into both personal and team achievements.
To recruit a large number of points, you will need to use accelerators (1.3 and 12-hour). It is better to have a full warehouse of the tree at the time of the start of the event, a crazy strengthening, at the start to spend the existing tree and immediately start robbing the new one.
If you have not improved sawmills, then save them for later — already on the second or third day in the game will begin the crisis of the tree and then the improvement of the sawmill for food will bring you points without the need for many hours of plundering the tree (or give you time for these many hours of looting) The same applies to spontaneous fragments — they can not be stolen from you, and they can safely wait for their hour until the world is finished with a tree.
In the game introduced amplifiers of wood production, which, in addition to the increase in production, also give a bonus to the amount of resources protected from the robbery in the warehouse (they raise the protected volume from 10% to 30%). Applying such a production amplifier (through the warehouse building), you protect yourself from the problems of the theft of your resources during the accumulation of large volumes (if not completely, then very much). The amount of the maximum volume stored by the sawmill increases proportionally.
During this event, crazy reinforcement, developers launch «happy hours» when wood production can double / triple. The effect of production amplifiers does not add to the effect of «happy hours», but multiplies! The amount of the maximum volume stored by the sawmill is also proportionally increased.
You could receive bundles of wood of various sizes that you can use at any time — leave them on the 2-3 day of the event crazy reinforcement, when there will not be players who can be looted with wood. You can also use them on the first day to receive small amounts of missing money (up to approximately 25%) if you accumulate very large amounts of resources, so as not to risk being robbed during the last flight.
Use accelerators for current construction only when you already have the right amount of wood to start a new construction. Do not forget to collect personal prizes in time — there will be a lot of accelerators, if your reserves are coming to an end.
Improving the dragon’s lair at the time of the event, crazy strengthening is one of the best ways to get points: you do not have to spend the accelerators to be able to continue to invest the tree, as building a dragon’s lair takes 3 seconds.
In view of the troubles that can lead to a rapid set of base levels, it is not recommended to participate in this event for those whose set of dragons can not independently overcome enemy bases — you should first start new dragons that match your level and pump them.
By combining efforts with several players of your guild (or even the entire guild) you can achieve better results.
When flying by themselves, players risk not having time to collect the required amount of resources before they are robbed. Even with the activated production and storage amplifiers.
But, if several players collect the volume not much exceeding their volume protected by the warehouse, and then they will send the whole collected tree to one of them, then in 20 minutes the recipient will have any necessary volume of the resource, and he will have time to spend it before the robbers fly to him .
Having completed this procedure for each participant, you will get the following result: each will spend the same amount of time and effort to collect resources, as if flying for himself, but will not have the risk of being robbed.
Of course, if someone does not decide to quit comrades, after he gets his share.
The larger the size of the group, the less the amount of resource required from each for a single shipment, but the more difficult it is to control the equality of participation of each.
In contrast to a large group, you can manage and one comrade. Each of you two collects the same amount of resource (which you can send in three packages) and exchanges. So everyone will have 20 minutes (the time of flight parcels) to gain as much resource as does not reach the launch of the construction site taking into account the flying parcels.
At the same time, there is a certain risk of being robbed, since the amount necessary for collection in each stage will exceed the volume protected by the warehouse. Amplifiers of a warehouse can help here. But this method is easier to implement, because it’s easier to negotiate with one person than with the whole group. Such an exchange of resources can be carried out even threefold

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