League Restructure

We took the first step in our league restructuring process by creating sub-leagues during this week’s league reset and league maintenance. Each division will be created based on team global ELO rating. This is to say, globally rated teams 1-25, 26-50, 51-75 and so on… will be paired with each other. These sub-leagues are designed to create more balanced tiers of competition that more accurately indicate a team’s relative strength. This is needed as the current leagues have ballooned to large sizes with vastly different team strengths.
The second step in the process is to increase some payouts to teams in higher sub-leagues. For now two primary changes will be occurring in the upcoming weeks:
1) Daily breeding token payouts will no longer be based on league, but will be based on a team’s sub-league. These tokens will increase with each higher ranked sub-league.
2) War Breeding Token payouts and losses will now have an added multiplier depending on sub-league. The higher the sub-league the higher the multiplier will be on your war earnings. This does not impact elo gain/loss but only breeding token payout. (Ie: if your league is due a 5x multiplier for war token payouts, if you normally would have won 100 tokens, you will now win 100 x 5 = 500 tokens.)
In addition there will be upcoming changes to properly reflect in the game’s interface these changes visually.
We are still in the process of exploration/evaluation of any other types of payout increases, but for now team prizes/progression prizes will operate as they did before at the quantities that they did before. (I.E.: Team prizes will still be based on league, and not your sub-league)
The below table reflects the intent for how sub-leagues will be broken out and how many teams comprise each sub-league.

League Sub-League Team Rank
Diamond Diamond I 1-25
Diamond Diamond II 26-50
Sapphire Sapphire I 51-100
Sapphire Sapphire II 101-175
Sapphire Sapphire III 176-275
Platinum Platinum I 276-400
Platinum Platinum II 401-575
Platinum Platinum III 576-825
Platinum Platinum IV 826-1175
Gold Gold I 1176-1575
Gold Gold II 1576-2075
Gold Gold III 2076-2675
Gold Gold IV 2676-3375
Gold Gold V 3376-4175
Silver Silver I 4176-5075
Silver Silver II 5076-6075
Silver Silver III 6076-8075
Bronze Bronze 8076-11075
Bronze  Bronze 11076-9999999

Our target to start paying out the additional daily tokens and war tokens in the next few weeks (around the time of the new season), though this is all subject to any unforeseen challenges and until the work is completely done and tested timelines can always vary a bit.

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