Salvage Shop

Salvage Shop Beta

Lords of dragons, accept congratulations!
You asked the store to recycle unnecessary game resources?
Prepare to meet him in the next updates!
The functionality of the recycling shop will be accessible through your building — forge.

Магазин утилизации кузница

On the «recycling» tab you can sell such extra items as food and wood sets, base amplifiers, dragon amplifiers, as well as everything else that can be obtained in the smithy!
Магазин утилизации ассортимент
By disposing of items, you will receive in return a magical scrap dust, from which you can then create objects of interest to you.
Магазин утилизации ассортиментOn the «store» tab you can exchange scrap dust for the offered goods. Different items will bring you different amounts of scrap dust. As well as creating items you will spend a different amount of it on different items.
Магазин утилизации переработка

The assortment of the store will include only three items to choose from and will change once a day. During this time, you can purchase the proposed items any number of times.

The function of acquiring interesting items for rubies will also be available, although it is not yet known whether it is more profitable than a similar operation through the tab of the forge.

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