Missions of the dragon guard

To perform the fastest missions of the dragon guard with the least expenditure of effort, various tricks can be used.
When performing missions to use certain spells:
The best option is when you have in your bookmarks a special training base (Phluffy, for example), hammered only by the towers of the first level, not representing a threat. Then during the flight on such a base you can apply any spell the right number of times without fear of high damage to the dragon.
Another option may be any base on which you can destroy all the towers with your dragons, and it will have several farms on different islands. Then you can release the second dragon with the necessary skill for the mission and apply it during a safe flight to the remainder of the base.
If you do not manage to get the right amount of spell applications for one fight, and wait for the dragon to recover for a long time, you can temporarily put another dragon with this spell on the active dragons list or use healing potions.
When carrying out a mission to inflict a certain amount of damage on a certain dragon:
If you want to inflict damage with a strong dragon, then the mission is not difficult. If you want to inflict a lot of damage to a weak dragon, then you can spread the whole base except the farms with another dragon, and then release the necessary for the mission so that finishing the farm gets the damage done. It is better if the farms are on different islands.
It also counts the damage done by the required dragon for the mission under the control of another player in the group battle. So you can ask someone from the co-guilds to help with the fulfillment of such a mission.
When carrying out the mission for the number of victories by a certain dragon:
To minimize the recovery time of the dragon between victories, release the desired dragon in combat when the base defense is already destroyed by another dragon or make a raid on the weakest of the allowed bases. Or use a healing potion.
When carrying out a mission to destroy a certain number of certain towers:
It is best to have a training base in the bookmarks with the necessary low-level towers in the right amount (Phluffy, for example).
Sometimes, on an enemy base, the necessary towers stand from the very edge and have a low level, then you can start the battle, destroy the necessary towers and interrupt the battle ahead of time so as not to deal with the rest of the defense base.
It also counts if the necessary towers are destroyed by another player in team combat, you just need to be present in that fight and not even have to release the dragon.
Missions for the total number of victories without indicating the dragon, the destruction of a certain number of any buildings, the theft of food / wood are not complex and do not require tricks.

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