How to quickly raise the level of dragons

The most direct way is to attack the enemy, for which you will be given the maximum amount of experience for you, and victory over him by one dragon. But often this possibility is achieved only after the dragons have already received several levels and will gain sufficient strength.
At first, your dragons will not be much different from each other in combat performance, but in the later stages of the game the newly hatched dragons will be much weaker than your already-draped dragons. And these hatched dragons will not be able to independently defeat the enemy’s base and gain experience. In such cases it is easier to gain experience for weak dragons by strong dragons:
1) when you join a weak dragon to the battle of a player who has a strong dragon, which will give you a dragon at the end of the battle, when the towers are no longer left (agree on this in advance in the chat). So your dragon will gain experience that can not earn itself, but not the maximum, as being the second (or third) player in combat you will get 20% less experience. This method is called «taking a tail» (the player inviting to fight, while indicating how many players are ready to take with him on the tail, he can indicate it immediately in a general chat or chat in battle, so watch closely the combat chat and do not rush to finish the base so that he has time to write his wish);
2) when you start a fight with your weak dragon at the base where he will be given a maximum of experience and invite another player into the battle (having agreed on this beforehand in the chat), in the battle you make a change of the dragon and the second player who takes down the base for you. This variant brings to you the maximum experience, but it is possible, only in the presence of a strong ally unoccupied by its dragons. This method is called «VIP hire». If the dragon of the second player is also not strong enough, then you may need to demolish some towers before the change of the dragon (according to the contract in the chat before the fight), then the aid method becomes a «cover»;
3) when there are no comrades able to help you in the pumping of dragons, you can defeat the enemy base with your strong dragon, but do not destroy the town hall, but make a change of dragon and already have another dragon (weak beginner) finish off the base. In this case, the experience will be divided into two dragons — not the most profitable option, but better than nothing.
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The daily multipliers of weak dragons are best removed by «VIP rolled», and after removing all three you can already use other methods. If you agreed on a VIP rental, but the second player had difficulty with the demolition of the base (the wrong dragon was chosen, the wrong player took second place in flight, departure from the game, etc.), then you can close the application (namely application, not exit from the battle) and the results of the battle will not be applied to the dragon — he will not receive a half of the experience and will not lose the multiplier of experience.
The amount of experience gained can be obtained by raising the level of the base, but your dragons will find it more difficult to cope with the bases, so it’s always worth assessing your capabilities before raising the base level.
Each dragon has the ultimate level of bases to overcome, this limit grows with the level of the dragon itself. But raising the level of the dragon, along with his strength, the time of his healing after the battle rises. And, if you raise the dragon levels as soon as you reach the mark you need to go to the next level, you can slow down the pace of its pumping. This is not terrible, if the dragon can fly independently, but slows down its development if the dragon still can not fly by itself and depends on flights with other dragons. So it’s better to calculate in advance, at what level the dragon can fly himself, and leave the dragon at the first level until he accumulates enough experience to reach the target level.
Since the limit level must also match your own level in order to get a decent amount of experience, the target level for the dragon will vary depending on your own level. So the target level for the Gaidron at the 28th level of the base will be 6-7th, and at the base 40m level — 15th, since at 40m level the base of the Hydron base is less than the 15th level will be ineffective.
Many dragons will not be useful to you in combat and will only be needed to remove other dragons from them. For such non-useful dragons, the target level is the dilution level.
For dragons with no rarity, 4, for rare — 6, for the epic — 8, and for the legendary — 12 (yes, even among the legendary there are not very useful dragons).

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