Patch Description 2.80

Patch Description 2.80

What’s New:

  • The ability to purchase valuable sets for a gift to another player — with the opportunity to remain anonymous or sign your gift. Make a friend’s day more pleasant!
    Not all valuable kits can be donated — only those that do not have unique items such as a dragon.

Changes in the game process:

  • A winner in a war ending in a draw with less than 250-250 lights will also be determined by the number of successful defenses (as in the case of 250-250). If the number of defenses is also in a draw, then a lower rank team will receive rating points, there will be no other awards or penalties.
  • Recalibrate damage from poison. The towers with ballistics and spells with periodic damage were reworked due to their non-competitiveness.


  • Fixed a visual bug when the dragon, under the influence of the spell Battle Shout lit up;
  • Fixed a visual bug where the use of the Evasion spell did not display properly;
  • Fixed a bug where beginners, passing the learning steps, could not get egg shells, if not the first time they coped with the learning tasks;
  • Fixed a bug with an error message about overflowing the bookmark page;
  • Fixed a problem with the Crystal Shield spell, in which the dragon received increased damage;
  • Fixed a problem with the incorrect display of the level of the dragon peak in the tactical review menu;
  • Fixed a problem with the wrong size of buttons when deleting runed stones from monuments;
  • Fixed a problem with overlays of interface elements in the dragon’s den, in which the ability to rename the dragon was blocked;
  • Fixed a problem with the incorrect size of the notification on the unlocking of a new avatar;
  • Fixed a problem with overlapping keyboard instructions for changing the name of the player;
  • Fixed a problem in which the button for improving the builders’ hut had an inappropriate color when there was a shortage of resources;
  • Fixed a problem in which instead of «defend yourself» the player was given «defend a friend»;
  • Fixed incorrect inscriptions «available for breeding» for dragons that can not really be displayed (Scarr, Pasleen, Nekrot, etc.);
  • If the player lacks eggs for the study, the number of available eggs will be indicated in red in the research hall;
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect display in the avatar menu;
  • Improved system of advanced team search by name;
  • Improved language localization of the game!

Changes on the world map:

  • Improved animation during battles in the sea;
  • Added the ability to send a link to the continent in the chat;
  • Fixed a bug where after the attacks on the world map showed the extraction of wood and food instead of gold;
  • Fixed a problem encountered by users of android devices when renaming continents on the world map;
  • Improved readability of markers in fleets for more convenient recognition of enemies and allies;
  • Fixed fleet control buttons;
  • Added support for element totems;

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