War Dragons v3.3 Pre-Release Notes

Update v3.3 Pre-Release

New Features

  • We’ve updated the in-game Mail feature. We’ve added some color coding to distinguish specific messages in your inbox and added a System tab for automated updated and added new FB and Replay buttons.
  • Ally Bonus — We’ve added a new feature to contribute to the social aspect to the game. To encourage players to help their teammates in their attacks, we will now give an Ally Bonus (Dragon XP) to all players who join allied attacks (this will not apply for allied defends at this time).
  • Allied Attack Messages — In addition to the Ally Bonus feature, we have added automated messaging that announces a team party attack in your Team Chat room. This can be enabled or disabled by Leaders only.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where misleading text was displayed in the Forge
  • Fixed an issue where breeding tokens are awarded when a user abandons a mission
  • Fixed an in issue where Aster spins in circles that started appearing after Version 3.20 update
  • Fixed an XP bar animation bug
  • Fixed an issue where the cooldown timer is not displayed when user casts Crystalline Shield

Performance Improvements

  • Fixed an issue that causes crashes
  • Made an improvement to reduce memory spikes

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